What we do

We focus on research and technology

We believe systematic trading strategies should capture persistent, explainable market anomalies to build robust, diversified offerings. With strict adherence to the scientific method, we employ rigorous testing protocols to quantify market observations. Crabel has developed several unique absolute return programs that seek to offer liquid, transparent and diversified investment options.

Idea generation and the development of unique trading strategies is a critical component to our success. We are in a continual state of improvement to keep up with the constantly evolving financial landscape.

Technology is the final piece of the puzzle. Without attention to execution efficiency, even good ideas can fail. At Crabel we invest heavily in our industry-leading proprietary execution infrastructure to reduce cost and capture alpha.

Deep Tenured Experience

Crabel’s senior staff has decades of financial market experience. That experience, along with our passion for our work, fuel our desire to continuously improve.

Alpha Discovery

Crabel has built a reputation for alpha discovery in some of the most dynamic and competitive markets in the world. We believe real, meaningful, intuitive market experience and knowledge are important factors in deriving strategies.

Trading & Technology

Crabel specializes in systematic trading of futures and currencies with a specific focus on low-latency algorithmic trading. We measure in microseconds.

Always Learning

At Crabel, we are students of the market. We value the constant feedback markets provide, which creates the opportunity for improvement. The light is always on, the work never stops, and the pursuit of excellence and new ideas is the relentless focus.